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St. Paul's United Methodist Church Pastor

Pastor Sue King

Dr. Sue King is the pastor of St. Pauls United Methodist Church in Vacaville, California. Sue also attends Pacific School of Religion where she is working on her Masters of Divinity. She and her husband, Jim Duffy, have raised three children, Danny, Tom, and Laura Rae.

Sue received a BS in Chemistry and PhD in Water Chemistry at University of Wisconsin in Madison. Sue and her husband, Jim Duffy, were professors in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department of Montana State University from 1999 to 2007.

During that time, Sue became involved in the activities of the Bozeman United Methodist church and attended her first School of Christian Missions at Camp on the Boulder.

I was immediately enamored with the work and passion of the United Methodist Church related to social justice for those forgotten in our success-oriented society. I understood that my own response to Gods love required me to reach out in love to others--at least if I truly wanted to follow Jesus!

Sue traveled to Angola, Africa with a UM Volunteers in Mission team to experience the life and faith of the Angolan people and to perform some basic water quality testing identifying areas of need related to water supply and sanitation. She has returned to Angola five times.

The call to serve the world through the church and through education continued to take her to new places, meeting new people. Sue has served as Director of Connectional Ministries for the Yellowstone United Methodist Conference and Director of Volunteers in Mission for the California Nevada United Methodist Conference. Sue taught at Aaniiih Nakoda College on the Fort Belkap Indian Community near Harlem, Montana. When Jims, work required the family to return to California, Sue took the opportunity to go to seminary, to discern whether her call to ministry was evolving into local church ministry.

We are not alone on our faith journey. God can do so much more with us if we walk together--connected as people called United Methodist--here in California and Nevada, Montana and Wyoming, Angola and Zimbabwe, and around the world. I discover Gods Grace anew in each place and each person along the Way.

St. Paul's United Methodist Church

St. Paul's UMC

St. Paul's United Methodist Church buildings and grounds.

St. Paul's Covenant

We covenant with each other

As followers of Jesus.

To gather faithfully to worship God who gives us life.

To study the meaning of our faith.

To share our joys and sorrows.

To take the time to know and be known by each other.

To give unselfishly of our time and money.

To translate the words of faith into acts of compassion & mercy.

To work for peace in our troubled world.

To take a stand for human rights.

To actively affirm the equality and dignity of all God's children.

To strive for social and economic justice.

Remembering that in a world of limited resources, those with more must consume less.

So that those with little or nothing may have enough.

This covenant we will honor.

God being the source of our strength.

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St. Paul's UMC Congregation

St. Paul's UMC Congregation

A small number of the members of the St. Paul's UMC Vacaville congregation.

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